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Rules and Eligibility Requirements for Prizes

Participation: Any individual may donate. Donations made through to nonprofit organizations and registered public schools are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and irrevocable. Donations will not be refunded. Contributions may be made via credit card, debit card, or ACH checking account. Donations made by check or in any way outside of the platform may be entered by the organization as an “offline” donation and will count toward the organization’s page total and the overall event total, but will NOT count toward any prizes.

The minimum donation on is $5.00. There is no maximum donation for Kentucky Gives Day.

Kentucky Gives Day prizes will be calculated by gifts made online by credit card or ACH checking account withdraw from 12:00am through 11:59pm ET, May 11, 2021. Again, all prize windows are based on Eastern Standard Time.

Prizes will be tracked and listed throughout the day on; however, regardless of listing or announcements made on the day, all prizes are subject to verification after the event concludes and may be reversed up to 30 days after the event.

Golden Ticket Prizes are awarded as follows: the GiveGab software will select a random donor during each of the selected time periods. The organization receiving the donation from that randomly selected individual donor will receive a $100 prize. A nonprofit is only permitted to win one Golden Ticket Prize.

KNN-sponsored Power Hour Prizes are awarded as follows: $250 will be awarded to the organization with the most unique donors in each of the identified time frames based on their budget size: small nonprofit ($499,000 or less annual operating budget) and large nonprofit ($500,000 or more annual operating budget). An organization's budget size is based on the information provided by the organization at the time of registration and confirmed via KNN membership records and/or IRS Form 990 information. A nonprofit is only permitted to win one KNN-sponsored Power Hour Prize.

A prize calculated by counting the number of unique donors to an organization over a period of time defines a unique or distinct donor as a single individual or entity that made his/her donation online via the website and is identified via a unique email address. For purposes of awarding prizes, multiple donations from one donor to the same nonprofit will count as one gift (and thus they will count as one unique donor).

CKCF-sponsored regional Power Hour Prizes are awarded to the organization raising the most dollars in each of the identified time frames (only available to organizations who are eligible for prizes from Central Kentucky Community Foundation). A nonprofit is only permitted to win one CKCF-sponsored Power Hour Prize.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Champion Prizes: two organizations with the most individual peer to peer fundraisers securing gifts from at least two unique donors each on May 11 from 12:00AM - 11:59PM ET will receive $250 each. In the event of a tie, the organization with the highest total number of donors who gave on May 11 through the Peer to Peer campaigns will be selected.

A nonprofit may win one of each of the following prizes: Golden Ticket, KNN Power Hour, Peer to Peer Fundraising Champion. A nonprofit is eligible for both KY Gives Day and regional prizes.

Dollars raised prior to May 11 and offline donations (gifts entered by you) will show in your organization’s overall total dollars raised and the Kentucky Gives Day totals, however ONLY ONLINE GIFTS FROM 12:00AM - 11:59PM ET ON MAY 11 WILL COUNT TOWARD PRIZES.

Prizes will be mailed prior to June 30, 2021.

While offline donations are permitted, Kentucky Gives Day is an ONLINE giving event and prizes are awarded to recognize this unique aspect of the event. Any participating organization found to accept checks from donors and enter them online with their organization’s credit card (or any similar actions), will be prohibited from receiving prizes – such actions violate the spirit of Kentucky Gives Day.

#KYGives21 Impact Pool Eligibility:
The #KYGives21 Impact Pool is an opportunity to help participating nonprofits raise even more money during Kentucky Gives Day! At checkout, donors will have the option to donate to the #KYGives21 Impact Pool – again, this is optional. Funds donated to the #KYGives21 Impact Pool will be distributed to nonprofits participating in Kentucky Gives Day with at least ten (10) unique online donors on May 11, 2021 from 12:00am to 11:59pm ET. Eligible nonprofits will then receive a percentage of the Impact Pool based on the percentage of their total gifts received ONLINE at from May 1 through May 12. Offline donations will NOT be counted toward the percentage. Net Impact Pool funds will be distributed electronically to eligible nonprofits, less a GiveGab distribution/processing fee, by June 30, 2021.